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Alleyman's Tarot

Most funded and backed tarot project on Kickstarter

Tarot Card Game

Alleyman Tarot

Alleyman Tarot is the most funded tarot game on Kickstarter.


Alleyman Tarot has many different accessories.

New Titan Print

New Titan Print is the sole source manufacturing vendor for this game.

Alleyman's Tarot Cards

A mismatched tarot deck made up of 137-cards from other decks, old and new alike.

This deck is AMAZING! The publisher/artist/writer combined cards that he made with cards from 81 other artists some are from existing decks, some were created for this project. The quality of the cards is excellent, with thick stock and saturated color. The backs are different as well, and just make me so happy with the eclecticism of it all. Both the spreads in the back, as well as advice on reading. It's surreal and beautiful and I love it so much!

Bought a beautiful tarot on Kickstarter (the Alley man) top quality and excellent communication! Thanks for keeping me informed day by day even when my parcel was in France! The French post never did!

The product I backed via Kickstarter, The Alleyman's Tarot, is of superlative quality. It exceeds my expectations by an order of magnitude. 10/10 would highly recommend.

I just want to point out the print quality is over and above what I feel came through on the various images and videos (which already looked great). Very saturated, detailed, contrasty printing. You can see with the Valet and Ten of Cups, even more "faded" styles really pop, but the printing retains delicate details and shading